Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Area

The Missouri Master Naturalist Great Rivers Chapter has an existing partnership with the Commission overseeing the Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Area to accomplish the following:

1)  Ecological restoration and maintenance
2)  Work with Sunset Hills Parks Department to help identify and remove invasives
3)  Provide outreach and education
4)  Assist in developing overall plan for the area.

Current Projects

Removal of Invasive Plants:   

Sunset Hills Parks Department to help them identify and remove invasive plants, especially:

  • Bush Honeysuckle
  • Wintercreeper euonymus
  • Japanese Honeysuckle
  • Determine and coordinate areas of removal with Sunset Hills
A quick hit success occured during an initial walk thru of the Area, Bill Hoss noticed a Button Bush near the pond that was completely covered with invasive vines.  In April 2014 a group of volunteers removed the vines.  Later that year, the Button Bush bloomed and was covered with pollinators instead!

Front Gate Planting Project:
The Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Commission asked Missoui Master Naturalists Bill Hoss and Sherri Schmidt to develop a planting proposal for the area near the front gate of the property.  The area contained a jumble of weeds and invasive plants like Bush Honeysuckle.  The Missouri Master Naturalists provided a proposal, including a plant list and planting area layout to the Commission and the project was approved. With the proposal, the area would be planted with native shrubs and small trees attractive to wildlife.  Native wildflowers would be included, especially host and nectar plants for Monarch Butterflies.  Not only would the project show examples of planting with native plants and provide benefits to wildlife, the proposed plantings would make the area along the street more attractive and inviting to visitors and people passing by.  In the late fall, Bill Hoss and Sherri Schmidt marked the project area and existing plants to keep.  They also removed the Bush Honeysuckle in the area.  The Sunset Hills Parks Department prepared the area for planting, and covered it with mulch. The trees and shrubs will be planting in early spring 2015.  The wild flowers will be planted in late spring 2015, after danger of frost is past.
Butterfly Garden Renovation:
There is an existing butterfly garden at Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Area.  However, the garden could be improved to be more attractive to pollinators.  The following work would need to be done to improve the garden:
  • Inventory existing plants
  • Remove unwanted plants
  • Determine a plan to improve the garden
Provide Outreach and Education:
Missouri Master Naturalists could be available to help provide outreach and education when requested.