McDonnell Park Habitat Restoration

St. Louis County Parks has asked Great Rivers to assist with managing a newly installed prairie at McDonnell Park in St. Ann, Missouri.  The 6 acre prairie is at the center of a larger 11.5 acre portion of the park that is dominated by large mature white oaks, black cherry, buckeye and persimmon trees that is also being managed for wildlife habitat.

The management plan at this point is focused on eliminating the invasive plants, Musk Thistle, Crown Vetch, Lespediza & Persimmon sprouts within the prairie and Asian Honeysuckle & Autumn Olive within the surrounding woodland.  Increasing the diversity of native plants by over seeding the prairie and planting native shrubs for understory in the woodland will occur as resources allow.  Other activities that will occur in the future include seed collection as well as surveys of the areas flora and fauna.

To assist the chapter, the park has installed an equipment locker stocked with sprayers, gloves, safety glasses, lopers, hand saws, herbicide and blue herbicide dye.  Once registered with the park, volunteers can access the locker and work as their schedules allow.  There will be a log in the locker for entering each member’s volunteer time.  For Great Rivers members interested in volunteering, Shawn Thomason the project coordinator for assistance.

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